What is the Next Level study?

Next Level is a research trial based in Manchester in the UK. It is funded by the National Institute of Health Research. The trial is evaluating  Method of Levels therapy for people experiencing a first episode of psychosis. We aim to start recruiting people to take part in the study from Autumn 2016, once ethical approval has been granted. Next Level will be seeking to recruit people who are currently using Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Early Intervention in Psychosis Services.

What is Method of Levels?

Method of Levels (or MOL for short) is a talking therapy  that aims to reduce psychological distress. It directly applies a theory of behaviour called Perceptual Control Theory (PCT), which was developed by William T. Powers. There is a really great website here that explains lots more about MOL. If you would like to learn more about PCT, click here.

Who is carrying out the study?

Robert Griffiths is the Chief Investigator on the Next Level trial. Robert is a mental health nurse and psychological therapist who has several years experience of working with people experiencing difficulties with psychosis. He is carrying out the research as part of a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester. Robert’s research is supervised by Dr Sara Tai, Dr Warren Mansell, Professor Tim Carey and Dr Dawn Edge.

How can I find out more about the study?

Robert will be posting updates about the trial on this website. You can also follow the study’s Twitter account: @NextLevel_Study.

Please feel free to e-mail Robert directly if you have any other questions: robert.griffiths@gmw.nhs.uk